Veranda Condominium Average Rental Prices 2017

So what might one expect when deciding to rent in this great community in Veranda Condominium?

You can expect to pay on average around $1500.00 – $1600.00 per month for a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo, 2 bedrooms can range between $1800.00 – $2300.00 depending on floor plan and any upgrades that have been done to the unit and 3 bedroom 2 bathroom models are going between $2300.00 – $2600.00 when available.

Keep in mind your Water, Sewer & Trash is included in your monthly rent which saves you money, also consider that you are not paying for the electricity bill to heat your water since Veranda has a central water heater for the building and this helps keep your electric bill down.

Qualifying with association requirements 

Most importantly you must have at least a 650 or higher credit score and no criminal back ground issues. This is ground for denial in this community.