Happy New Year 2019

It’s already the start of 2019 and it’s time to get to some market updates for the Veranda Condo community .  Sorry I have been extremely busy for most of 2018 and never posted updates about Rental Prices or Sales Prices for the Veranda Condo Community but I am going to get this new year started on the right foot 🙂

Sales Prices in Veranda Condos For 2018

There were a total of 20 sales in the Veranda Community in 2018 ranging in price from $202,000.00 – $270,000.00. 17 of these sales were listed on the local MLS system and looks like 3 of these sales might have been private sales outside of the MLS ” Multiple Listing Service” that us Real Estate Professionals use.

Active Condos For Sale 

There are 10 active listings for sale in the Veranda Community as of this post ranging in price from $240,000.00 – $395,000.00.  The 2 bedroom 2 bathroom models will likely sell the quickest in this community and probably sell between the price range of $230,000.00 – $265,000.00 range depending on the floor plan and view from the unit over the next few months of 2019.


Rental Prices in Veranda Condos For 2018

I did some research on my local MLS system for the Veranda Condominium community and found 12 total properties rented for the year ranging in price from $1550.00 for the 1 bedroom and up to $2300.00 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom model. I find these totals to be a little off in regards to the total number of units rented for 2018 but all in all this will help with prices ranges for most future renters and potential landlords who wish to rent out their condos this coming year.

Total Break Down Of Rented Condos In Veranda

There were a total of four 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom condos rented ranging in price from $1550.00 – $1650.00 in 2018.  There were a total of seven 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom condos rented in price range from $1950.00 – $2300.00 in 2018. There was only one 3 bedroom 2 bathroom rented in 2018 at a price of $2100.00 in the Veranda Condominium community.

Active Rentals In Veranda Condos

Currently there are 7 active listings for rent in the Veranda condo community ranging in price from $1550.00 for a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom and up to $2500.00 for one of the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom models.


If you have any questions about buying, selling or renting a condo in the Veranda Condo community feel free to reach out to me anytime to discuss your options in the community.

Happy New Year To Everyone.

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